AREA Repeater Group

Welcome to AREA Repeaters

The primary goal of the AREA Repeater Group is to provide alternate backup emergency communications to various served agencies through out Northern California. The secondary goal is to provide systems that are open to all who wish to use them. The final goal is to advance the latest technologies in Amateur Radio.

We are in the process of re-doing our systems and website.

One of the key areas that you may and/or may not notice is that we are migrating away from D-Star for VHF and UHF. We have nothing against D-Star. The only challenge that we kept running into is rebuilding the Linux Gateway over and over and over.

We have choosen to migrate to DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) also known as MotoTRBO (trademark of Motorola). We like DMR simply because once the radios are programmed it makes connecting to the network much easier. It also allows for two simplutanious conversations within the same single channel space.

TO BE CLEAR: We are not abandoning traditional Analog FM. We are only augmenting the options with digital modes such as MotoTRBO and D-Star

We will have more information on DMR in the days to come. Mean while feel free to check out the following sites:

  • Currently we have the following systems ON THE AIR

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